Out of the Groom Box

Out of the Groom Box

Grooming is the never-ending task in every horseperson’s life, so why not make life a little easier?  We’ll give you our recommendations on products and techniques we find helpful in keeping our horses looking their best.


The dreaded chipped hoof...

This week in Out of the Groom Box, we tackle an inevitable side-effect of spring: soft feet.  Even for horses that don’t wade outside in the mud, it seems that once the moist air of spring arrives, hooves soften, chip, and peel as if on cue.  There are a number of techniques grooms resort to in an attempt to keep up with crumbling feet.

But there is something we’ve found to be a formidable rival to chipping, cracking, and overall high-maintenance hooves.  Through research and some in-person trial and error, we’re all strong endorsers of the Keratex Hoof Hardener.  This stuff has changed some of our most notoriously soft-footed mounts into healthy, sound horses again.

Keratex Hoof Hardener to the rescue!

As the Keratex Hoof Hardener isn’t a varnish or lacquer, the hoof isn’t sealed.  Instead, the keratin-based formula builds the hoof up by strengthening the actual make-up of the hoof, creating a stronger, healthier foot without drying it out.    We’ve been using this product for a while on several of our horses, and the turnaround has been remarkable.  For both shod and unshod horses, this little bottle does wonders.  While it’s not a cheap fix (retails usually for anywhere between $38 to $45), it does exactly what it says, and within a few treatments, you’ll notice a difference.  If you’re looking for an effective fix for soft feet, this product may be the answer.  It’s definitely a staple in our groom box!


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