Out of the Groom Box – Controlling Fungus

Out of the Groom Box

Grooming is the never-ending task in every horseperson’s life, so why not make life a little easier?  We’ll give you our recommendations on products and techniques we find helpful in keeping our horses looking their best.

Last week, we talked about how moist spring weather can bring down a horse’s hooves.  This week, we’ll discuss another nasty side effect of the season–the dreaded FUNGUS.  If you’ve ever owned a grey, palomino, or chestnut, you know the true tediousness of tending to a horse with sensitive skin.  Whether horses are turned out or left in, humidity and wetness can wreak havoc this time of year, though fungus seems to have its own devious preferences above and beyond sensitive skin colors.  It seems every year, we have the same three or four horses (in every shade and type) constantly battling fungus, while others roll around in the mud for days and happily stay fungus free.

fung-a-wayObviously, the best defense is a good offense.  Keeping horses and their environments as dry as possible will limit fungal infections.  Also, keeping the horse’s skin and coat in good condition is an excellent preventative measure year-round (see next week’s post for tips on skin and coat management!).  For horses with a history or susceptibility to fungus, keeping a tight body clip on the areas most commonly affected can also help.  But generally, managing fungus when it pops up occasionally is an easy enough task–some Fung-a-way (or similar product) usually beats the fungus back after a couple of treatments.

silverHowever, those sensitive horses we mentioned earlier are another problem entirely.  For horses that seem to always have fungus starting up someplace (right after you’d beaten it on the last place!), desperate times call for stronger measures.  We’ve been quite pleased with the performance of AgSilver CleanWash in fighting the fungus scourge.  After just a couple of treatments with the shampoo, even our most notoriously susceptible horse was looking pleasantly fungus-free.  The line of anti-microbial and anti-fungal products from AgSilver provides any horse groom a good collection of options for tackling the dreaded spring rot.  You can also use these products as preventative measures, rather than just treating once the fungus has already taken hold.

If you’re local to the greater Columbus area, you can find both Fung-a-way and AgSilver at our friends over at Equus Now!.  Armed with these recommendations, we wish you the best of luck this spring in keeping your horses fungus-free!

Fighting the good fight against fungus?  Let us know your questions and recommendations in the comments!

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