Show Team Preparation Has Begun!

We know–the crickets chirping during an early morning braiding session, the warm sun on your back during a midday test–they seem like a faraway dream when the cold and snow still has a hold of us.  But believe it or not, show season is just around the corner, and the Edgewood Equestrian show team has begun their preparations.

photo 1For riders who have chosen to participate in the show team, they’ll need to do several things.  First, double check with the requirements for the show team.  Then, make sure that you get your log book to log your hours.  Log books will be stored in a lockerspecifically noted locker in the tack room so you can easily find yours.  Some people last year liked to take theirs home–try to avoid the temptation!

Keep your log book at the barn where we can sign-off and keep track of hours without any worries of accidentally forgetting it at home.

We’ve also started a new way to track which show team members have met the hourly requirements.  We now have the Edgewood Equestrian Show Team board.  Each person should have a horse they can design with their name on it.

photo 3

photo 1 - Copy

Move your horse along the board as you advance your hours until you reach the final total of 50 hours.  You can track how you are doing compared with everyone else, and hopefully share your words of encouragement for your fellow team members!


Finally, take a look at the show season schedule and get an idea of when the shows start, and which shows you’d like to participate in.  Please note, some of the smaller schooling show dates have not been published yet.

Let’s have a great show team season!

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