Meet the Instructors

Master Instructor Lynn Edgington has spent her career studying the mental processes and behavior of both the horse and rider.  She believes that understanding the science of how we think and how horses understand  is an invaluable tool for a riding instructor.  Each horse and rider is a unique partnership that requires careful observation and individualized instruction.  She is a graduate of The College of Wooster and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

Lynn’s notable accomplishments in the dressage competition arena include many national wins, and training her own horse, Trophy, through FEI level.  Her students have chalked up 2 regional dressage young rider champions at 1st and 4th levels and countless honors at local shows.

Lynn has studied extensively with some of the world’s most respected dressage instructors for more than 30 years,  including USET competitors Terry Koenig and Charlotte Bredahl; USDF Judge and author of “The Competitve Edge”, Dr.  Max Gahwyler; USA national coaches Herbert Rehbein and Conrad Schumacher; the late Inge Theodorescu whose daughter Monica is the current head dressage coach of Germany; and Alex Gerding, professional horse trainer from Germany.


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Master Instructor Russ Edgington is a graduate of Ohio University and holds a Master of Science degree in Physical Education.  He has developed a keen eye for rider position and biomechanics.

Russ puts the most frustrated riders at ease by combining his advanced knowledge of physical education  with his undergraduate studies in outdoor education and developmental psychology.  He is particularly good at translating riding “buzz words” into practical application.

Known for his sense of humor and  as a rider of challenging horses,  his expert eye and grasp of riding biomechanics  can solve many problems.  Russ has trained with nationally renowned trainer, Andy Marcoux, proprietor of the  “Coachman’s Delight”;  Holly Thompson, internationally renowned coachman for the Queen of England and Prince Phillip; and with German dressage coach Alex Gerding.



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