Edgewood Equestrian Show Team

Edgewood Equestrian has several options for joining our youth show team!

art, quadrille, stella, kitties 080Belonging to the show team means you as a rider choose to invest your time and energy into performing individual, pas de deux, or quadrille dressage tests during each show season.  Riders should not take this commitment lightly, but you should also remember the goal of Edgewood Equestrian in showing is not about winning ribbons, but about performing at the highest level of your ability and dealing with the challenges that inevitably appear during horse shows.

Commitment to the show team requires that you declare your interest in the show team by February 1st of each year.  The show season typically runs from April to October.

Participants in the show team must log 50 hours of show season preparation before June 1st.  This includes no more than 5% from hand-walking and 5% from show prep, including tack cleaning and the show season boot camp.

Show team participants can also qualify for a High School Letter through the USEF program.

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